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Sugarwood Gallery Artisans

Most of the artisans at SugarWood work at home in a home shop environment. Some work in a group environment with shared space and equipment, and some have developed their craft to a commercial scale and produce their product in a shop away from home and have their work in multiple outlets of which SugarWood is one.

The majority of our artists are "Mainers" and are located within a 45 mile radius of SugarWood Gallery.

A few of our artisans are "from away" but we love their work so much that we have adopted them to be part of our Maine community. Our hope is that some day they will join us here in Western Maine and be part of our community.

Many of our craftsmen hold 'daytime' jobs that feed the family and "pays the bills" as they perfect their craft… some do not want to grow beyond their current capacity but have run out of family and friends to gift their product to and have made it available through Galleries such as SugarWood.

Some of the crafters are into their second career having completed their tour of Corporate America and have settled on what they really want to do with the rest of their life.

One thing they all share is a passion for what they create… be it stained glass, ceramic pieces, pottery, baskets, utensils, rugs, lamps, furniture, photography, sculpture, quilting, glass blowing, or wood turning. They are among the best at what they do and we are proud to have them as members of the SugarWood family.

Please visit our artisans by clicking on their name below. You will be taken to a page with more information about them and links to product they have available at SugarWood Gallery. A live link to the artist's own website is provided for your convenience if you would like to learn more about them. A return link is provided by them so you can return to SugarWood’s website after visiting them on theirs.

Alternatively, click on the product category and you will be taken to a section of the website that shows their work as well as the work of other artisans in the same medium.

Enjoy your tour and if at any time you want to communicate with us just click on the "contact us" link for information on how to email or call us.

NameCompany NameProduct CategoryWebsite
Southard, Frank & EthelSidney Woodworks Boxes
Wood Art
View Website
Monahan, MikeSign Works View Website
Meisner, Steve & MarciaSkowhegan Wooden Rule View Website
Keirstead, Stan & BarbaraStan & Barbara Keirstead Paintings  
Keirstead's Art Class, StanStan Keirstead's Art Class Paintings  
Sanders, SusySusy Sanders Paintings  
Kelly, SuzanneSuzanne Kelly View Website
Jones, George & JanThe Copper Shop Accessories  
Haley, TheresaTheresa Haley Paintings  
Timberlake, DougTimberlake Designs  
Robbins, RogerTown Line Woodworking Accessories
Dubois, RussUpCountry Snowshoes View Website
Trafton, VeraVera Trafton Photography  
Blauvelt, GordonWA Mitchell Fine Furniture Furniture View Website
Almy, JohnWA Mitchell Fine Furniture Furniture View Website
Davis, JonWA Mitchell Fine Furniture Furniture View Website
Robbins, RogerWA Mitchell Fine Furniture Furniture View Website
Hooey, BrianWindhover Creative Design
Wood Art
Wood Flowers
Reiss, RobertWindow Views Accessories  
Bradstreet, Alan & SueWood Wizard  

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