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Artist - Penelope Hall

Penelope Hall grew up in Augusta in a creative family. From a young age she explored the world by painting, drawing and building things.
Penny received a BA in mathematics from Bates College in Lewiston in 1972, followed by an MD from UVM College of Medicine in 1985. After a residency in internal medicine, fellowships in geriatric medicine and research and private practice geriatrics, she has retired to Kingfield with her husband, Charlie Rappaport. Here she works in clay, hand building sculpture found to be at times whimsical, at times thought provoking. Her pieces are inspired from her natural surroundings, from travels, especially years spent living in Okinawa, and from the many human situations in which she has found herself over the years. Stoneware and earthenware pieces are bisque fired to over 1800 degrees, then glazed and re-fired to their maturation temperature. Some go through several glaze firings before they are completed.

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