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Artist - Patti Millette

Patti Millette Artist of the Month for June 2015

SugarWood Gallery welcomes Patti Millette as June's Artists of the Month with an Open House Reception June 5th from 4 to 7 PM and on June 6th from 11 AM to 3 PM. Patti’s work will remain on exhibit and available for sale during the month of June.

Patti Millette is a local science teacher/musician/artist/geologist. Although watercolor painting is a fairly recent pursuit, she has spent many years doing scientific illustration in pen and ink, and often uses illustration as a learning technique in her earth science classes at Mt Blue High School. During April 2015, scientific illustrations by several of her science students were exhibited at the Portland Museum of Art as part of a science/art crossover program.

Even though Patti has spent many years drawing in black and white, in the last three years she began dabbling in watercolors under the informal mentoring of Mary Beth Morrison and Janet Washburn, besides a lot of messing around by trial and error. She enjoys painting elements of the natural world, but experiments with anything that seems fun to paint.

Besides painting and making frames for many of her paintings, Patti can be found playing traditional music and singing, gardening, training her dogs for competition obedience, agility, and as therapy dogs, traditional folk dancing, or looking at the stars. This is her first gallery showing.

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