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Artist - Mardy Bogar Designs

Mardy's work reflects her personality and beliefs.

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” Henry David Thoreau

Mardy says "It is in the natural world that I find peace and inspiration. From my home and studio where I have lived for the last thirty years, a view of the western Maine mountains and deep woods calls me outdoors daily.

Recording the wonders of our natural world through color, form and emotion, I choose to paint with a variety of mediums. Believing strongly in community, I enjoy sharing my love of nature and the arts through the teaching workshops for all ages.

With change comes adventure. These days my time is divided between New England and the Colorado Rockies where my husband John and I visit family.  This variety of landscape and culture provide abundant painting opportunities for which I am grateful."

“I can think of no greater happiness than to be clear-sighted and know the miracle when it happens. And I can think of no more real life that the adventurous one of living and loving and exclaiming the things in one’s own time.” Robert Henri