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Artist - Lydia Rose

Lydia Rose is a Maine native. She attended the University of Maine and the New Hampshire Institute of Art to study Fine Art. Lydia pursued her painting career right out of college. Lydia’s equine art inspirations come from the horses that she grew up with and works with to this day. Her  passion for animals and nature drive her creative process; her paintings are filled with the emotional connection to those things that inspire her work. 

"Working with horses has given me a respect for animals and their nobility. I grew up training horses and when I decided I would throw caution to the wind and pursue a career in art, I always came back to the comfort of painting horses because I understood them, the way they thought and looked. I love to infuse romance in my art and a sensitivity to nature and it's fragility. Horses automatically give romance to any piece. I always turn to nature for inspiration and I have a need to express my feelings through artwork.”

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