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Artist - Ken Jorgensen

Ken is a stained glass artisan working out of his studio in the Western Maine foothills of the Longfellow Mountain Range. He has a background in graphic design, having worked as an art director in Boston most of his career. He applies that experience to creating original works in stained glass.

At first, inspiration for his work came from nature, creating pond scenes of ducks, frogs, turtles and wildflowers. Over time the inspiration came from the glass itself. The many textures, forms and colors allow Ken to be more playful with his designs and anything of interest gets incorporated into the work as long as the design remains cohesive. Today most of his designs are in the form of glass collages, clocks, candle shelters and vases. Here he uses glass bevels, beads, marbles, brass charms and pieces of old china together with textured cut glass.

Ken is a member of United Maine Craftsmen and the Society of Southern Maine Craftsmen. During the summer months participates in numerous arts and craft fairs throughout the state on Maine.