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Artist - Jennifer Redman Wadsworth

Brief Biography

Jennifer has lived in Turner with her husband Adrian for the past forty+ years.   She has two grown children. She has painted most of her life, and settled on oil paint as her chosen medium. Her work includes landscapes, figurative pieces and abstract.

She studied with Helen Warren of the Spiral Studio and collaborated many times with the last Marni Lawson. She and Marni began and shared the process of visual conversation with individuals and classes of all ages. She has shown extensively in Maine for over the past twenty years (when children were grown and out of the house). Jennifer has had several solo exhibitions, participated in joint exhibits and her work has been accepted in numerous juried shows.   Her art is in private, corporate and academic collections in the United States, Europe and Asia.

Jennifer is a different person every day, so has not limited her work to any specific style. She creates when the spirit moves her.

Artist’s Statement

My work is created with oil paint on various supports. I use primed canvas, tissue paper, raw canvas, synthetic canvas, Plexiglas, glass, fabric and wood. I allow images to develop during and from the application of the paint. The interaction between surface and paint with an application tool or my fingers, creates the piece.

            The images are the result of my connection to the energy and rhythm of the past, present and future. The images exist only on my chosen surface. I do not use references or ever begin with a plan. There are no mistakes, a lesson I’ve learned from experience. Process is paramount, and sharing process is the key to generating energy beyond my own.

            My goal, to share the experience of my creative journey, is achieved when friends and strangers engage in a visual conversation with my work.


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