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Artist - Janice Norton

My name is Janice Norton and I live in Fayette Maine with Craig, my husband of almost 48 years. Fayette is a rural town surrounded by lakes and ponds and wonderful scenery. We live about 7 miles from Livermore Falls, Me.

Back in 2003, I decided after many years of not being involved in art, I would go back and do what I had always loved in my early years. It had been over 34 years since I had done any art of any kind. I got myself some books and started to work on doing every part of the face, nose, hair, eyes etc. I worked morning till around 5 and was totally dedicated to improving my skills. After six months I said "I am ready to begin doing portraits and I had the good fortune of many requests for my work.

I work with colored pencil , painting primarily on portraitures of adults, children and animals. When not doing portraits I love to work from my surroundings, be it at home or elsewhere. Living in a rural area gives me wonderful subject matter of all kinds. I always have my camera ready, well most of the time.

My pencils are Prismacolor, and Derwent. Many layers are done to create the depth and detail I look for. Texture, light, shadow movement and a feeling for the subject are really what inspire me in my work. It is a long process to create each painting, but when all these elements come together, the end result is always rewarding. When I create a piece of work that people want to touch ,it is a special moment.

In the past several years, I have incorporated other mediums such as watercolor, gouache, acrylic, charcoal, ink and pastel, wich I feel have enhanced my work as an artist. Working with a blend of mediums, I can create the look and feel I look for in a painting and that for me is exciting.

Most of my work is realistic in nature, but not to the point of looking like a photograph. I have also been asked if my work is pastel, some are, but most are not. Colored pencil has a hardness to it that is different than most other mediums and compared to using watercolor alone, it rarely fades if at all, due to the many layers of dense colors.

Other than my portraits, most of my artwork is about everyday subjects that you may have seen often, but not really looked at closely. If my art affects your thoughts and feelings in a good way, then I have succeeded is sharing how I felt when I experienced seeing a particular object, animal, scene, person or place.

I belong to a web site membership named Ann Kullberg-for Colored Pencil Artists and have had two of my works included in a book published by Ann "Colored Pencil   Secrets for Success. "Terry" and "Evening Dew" (A white lilly.) . Another publication, "CP Hidden Treasures 3" also includes one of my pieces called "Artemisia". Twice a year we get to enter our work in the Member Show or Theme Show.

I have had a few awards in the past in the member shows,as well as Second Place for Evening Dew at the Winthrop Sidewalk Art Show, and Second Place for " Entrance to the Barn" . My work has also been accepted in several Juried Art shows, both at the Harlow Gallery in Hallowell, and at the Waterville show in the past several years.

My work has been shown at the Harlow Gallery,Up Country Artists, where it hung for about 1 1/2 years along with other artists in the area. Winthrop Sidewalk Art Show and Longfellow's Greenhouse Cabin Fever Show each February. I also have work displayed at A Serendipity Moment in Liveremore Falls, Me.


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