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Artist - Janalee Welch

Prior to 2007 Janalee was teaching in Shrewsbury MA and living in Worcester, MA.  During her twelve years there she had the good fortune to attend classes at the Worcester Art Museum. This was a rich and rewarding experience where she saw her style take shape and work make strides.

Since retirement in 2007 and returning to Maine, she has worked at developing an art career. Painting with pastels, large flowers were her focus.

During her first year in Maine she had an open studio at her home, entered various juried shows, and sold at street shows. She joined the local art group and started a plein air art painting group. As she began to paint outside, she saw her work improve, becoming more vibrant and expressive of her vision. She has since limited her subject matter to landscapes with strong light, deep late afternoon shadows, and rich color. She also enjoys painting interiors and still lifes with chiaroscuro lighting and lost and found edges.

Other media that she enjoys are gelatin printed monotypes;  painting silhouettes of woman using acrylic on paper, the body of work entitled Body Language; and hand made art books, often using her own hand decorated and printed papers.

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