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Artist - Elizabeth Mehlin


Elizabeth Stuart Gibson

maiden name of

Elizabeth G. Mehlin known as Stu

  • Born 1942 in Richmond, Virginia and raised as a Southern Belle of the Old Dominion kind
  • Escaped to Massachusetts to be educated, married, and give birth to Lisa and Christopher.
  • Retired to New Sharon, Maine where Paradise is everywhere to be seen.
  • Now learning to recreate Paradise on canvas.

Works in this exhibit have numbers reflecting where each fits in the sequence of a life. The earliest works are a series created at the time during an America’s Cup Race when America won and the races were televised. I started with my photos taken from the TV and then moved on to a more fantastic version of the theme.

The next series, works in pastel, began as lessons with J.M.W. Turner. I first almost copied his watercolors and then moved on to my own views while using his style. My own style was just barely emerging.

The third series, oil paintings set in the New Sharon area, owe credit to many teachers, Pissarro and Monet in particular. In these works one can begin to see ESG, Elizabeth Stuart Gibson, my maiden name. This is who I was when I was born and have become more so over time.

Today I work on a series with a focus on cloud forms. Perhaps in 2016 this work will be ready to see. In the meantime I offer you my morsels of a life for you to enjoy.


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