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Artist - Duncan Miller

Duncan Miller of Livermore, Maine, is SugarWood's Artist of the Month for May.

Duncan states that… “Gainesville, Florida was my hometown until 1976 when my family moved to our small farm in Livermore, Maine. We raised sheep and I worked part time as a welder and farrier for many years. Now it is just my father, my wife Robin, and myself here along with our horses, dogs, cats, chickens, and a variety of wild visitors.

My interest in photography began in my teens with the usual black and white darkroom in the bathroom and remained a hobby through the years. Around the turn of the century I began doing more with it but it wasn’t until the change to digital a few years later that I began showing and selling my work. The ability to once again do my own printing (in color this time!) has opened many new possibilities such as layering images, interpretive image manipulation, and use of a variety of different paper surfaces.

I photograph all sorts of things, animals are my favorites and horses are the heart of my work. Horses are open and guileless in the way they respond to life: when its hard they put their heads down and slog, when its bad their fear or anger can be awesome to behold, and when its good their exuberance knows no bounds. I try to capture some of these moments and through the resulting images hope to share some of the inspiration horses give to me.”

Duncan’s work will be on display throughout the month of May for the public to view and purchase.

Duncan Miller Products