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Artist - Carole Anne Rickards

Carole was born and raised in Rumford, Maine where she started her artistic exploration. As a young child she was always fascinated by color, shape, line, form, and design. As she reached her teen years she became enmeshed in high school art classes then continued on to be an art major at UMA. Her formal education was interrupted by other life experiences, however, she carried on with art exploration due to a supportive husband who encouraged her to draw and paint her surroundings.

Carole flourished as an artist selling her works at galleries, shows, and accepting commissions, then later venturing into teaching private art lessons to young and old. As an avid birdwatcher she wanted to capture their essence through acrylic paintings thus they became her subject matter for many years. She's also depicted many barns in the area as this was first her husband's interest and his enthusiasm for their diverse style of architecture piqued Carole's interest as well.

After many years as a freelance artist, she continued her formal education at UMA, not only in art as she first started, but delved into psychology and education as well. Much was learned while there, she dappled in a little art therapy, was introduced to many new styles, techniques, and mediums of painting such as abstract and collage. In two independent art studies she learned the process of interactive and collaborative art, and the use of eco-friendly mediums, which all helped to broaden the scope of her art perception.

Finally, after several years, she earned her associates degree in liberal studies and continued on to accumulate enough credits to qualify for Ed -tech III certification. At this time, substitute teaching is in the forefront of her life and Carole has worked in many of the art rooms in her district. This has given her the opportunity to use acquired knowledge of art and teaching, and when needed, a little art therapy.

Carole is also involved with the Pennacook Art Center and is responsible for hanging art shows as well as helping with planning new events. PAC's mission is to encourage art appreciation in the area, and being affiliated with this group helps her further her art exploration as they have become a supportive group of friends as well as professionals. Her goal is to continue to create, to learn, to teach and share what she has learned as the exploration continues.

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