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Artist - Bridget MacLean

Born in Nova Scotia, Canada, art has permeated Bridget’s life, her aunts painted and crafted, her uncles practiced photography, family friends sculpted, her father and uncle played guitar and sang and her mother wrote poetry.  Art was all around her, encouraged and embraced.  From an early age she was drawing and writing and seeking new ways to create.
Bridget’s family, having grown up in small rural maritime villages, spent much time in nature.  It was this love, passed onto Bridget, that she believes has influenced her way of seeing and cultivated her eye organically. 
Though her interests have spanned watercolor, acrylic, ink, jewelry making, and traditional Scottish leatherworking, Bridget has found a passion for photography.  Self-taught in retouching, editing and photo manipulation, she uses each of these skills to contribute to her vision in the “digital darkroom” and plays with the theory of a photograph being not only the art, but also a sketch or underpainting for further art to bloom from.
Bridget’s approach to photography allows the viewer to appreciate the often overlooked details of our natural surroundings.  Her use of colors, textures and depth of field pulls you into the frame and allows you to delight in the magic of the beauty found there.

After falling for a local Maine boy, she moved to the U.S., they married and have made their home in Farmington.  They enjoy exploring the similarities of both places together – camera in tow!

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