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Artist - Ash Cove Pottery

Since 1970 I've been hooked on the magic of taking a lump of earth, "pulling" it into a cylinder and shaping it into a vessel on the potters wheel. I strive to make functional pots that work well and feel good to use. The clay itself inspires my forms, which change slightly with each throwing cycle, becoming clearer and bolder like a photo coming into focus. My inscribed and brushwork decorations are based on the patterns left in the sand by the receding tide.

Handmade pottery is not silent; it has a presence that comes from the soul of the potter. Hold my pots and feel the marks my hands have left on the clay. Use my pots and connect to something real: the maker and the tradition of craft, me and my life on the shore of Casco Bay.

My pottery is microwave and dishwasher safe, but should not go directly from the refrigerator to the oven to avoid thermal.