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Artist - Art Quilts

It's wonderful to be able to connect with you online from my studio in the Maine woods! I feel blessed to be able to live and work surrounded by nature's beauty. Exploring the endless trails through the hills and wild blueberry barrens of Vienna influences much of my work.

My husband and I have been building our wood-heated, passive solar home/studio for many years. It's an ongoing, creative process. Our relatively simple lifestyle has enabled me to concentrate on my artwork full time. I have been making my living as an artist for 20 years.

At an early age, I discovered that fabric was my favorite medium for artistic expression.I majored in art at the University of Maine, then transferred to Arizona State University to specialize in fiber art (and minor in horses!) Arizona was an other-worldly experience after growing up in Maine. The colors, landscapes, and vibrant Native American culture of the Southwest has influenced my art in various ways.

My artwork can be found across the United States in shops and galleries as well as selected craft shows.

Story-telling through quilts is a colorful and tactile experience. Combining colors, textures, and prints from my extensive fabric collection, I create tapestries of deep woods, hidden trails, wild animals, seasons' rhythms, ...Traditional piecework and crazy quilt blocks are often incorporated into a realistic Maine scene. A semi-abstract, as well as a folk art quality, emerges in these art quilts.

Researching primitive cultures is one of my favorite past times. Hand painting ancient imagery onto my art quilts conveys our mutual roots in cultures that have a reverence and respect for nature and the feminine.

My art quilts have been collected, exhibited, and published internationally. Please contact me for availability of current artworks for sale, or to commission an art piece designed specifically for your environment. I also offer offset lithographic prints of my quilts. If my artwork can amuse, inspire, enlighten, or pique your curiosity, then it has achieved its purpose.