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Artist - Ann Woolsey

Farmington: SugarWood Gallery “Artist of the Month” Ann Woolsey will be on display during the months of July and August 2017.

 Ann says… “to be an artist was in my blood, winning my first art prize in third grade, for a painting of the Ugly Duckling.  My mother, Lena Fellows Woolsey, who grew up in Farmington, and raised her family 500 miles south in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, saw to it we spent a few weeks each summer with our grandparents on Clearwater Lake in Maine, and learn where our roots were. I love Maine more than I have words for, it’s my ‘old country,’ I often think of myself as MAINE’S GRANDDAUGHTER.    

With some art school, a little Art Students League in New York, and numerous other art courses, I continued to paint. There were l-o--n-g stretches of not painting, however things shifted 25 years ago when I bought a cape cod house and started building a life I'd imagined. At last there was a place to paint, art supplies to unpack, and I began a painting of the little Point Camp my grandfather built in 1950 on Clearwater… and couldn’t believe I painted it. Being thrilled I continued by creating what people wanted, and gained a lot of experience in the process.

Seven years ago, I took 92-year-old Aunt Lois (Fellows), to her 75th high school reunion in Farmington.  The 500-mile trip presented a number of obvious challenges at her age. We stayed in the same little Point Camp that Grampa built. She was blind, in a wheelchair, on oxygen, and we didn’t know anyone at the reunion.  Luckily Janice and Dan Maxham happened to sit across from us and it turned out Janice grew up on the same street as Aunt Lois, only 30 years later. Small talk about Stewart Avenue was great as Janice figured out where Aunt Lois lived.  The next day we saw the Maxhams and I asked what the business was they’d mentioned at the reunion, and Dan said, “SugerWood Gallery.” I lifted my paint box up high, and said, I’M AN ARTIST! They offered me a one-person show in the summer of 2017… and seven years to dream and prepare.

I have been creating a body of work, mostly acrylics, a few watercolors, and many signed prints. My work is ‘light filled impressionistic.’ Last fall I had an exciting art show at Stella’s House Blend Cafe in Sellersville, PA… my home town.  I’ve been leading PAINTING FROM PHOTOGRAPHS, a continuing education open studio workshop, at Bucks County Community College.”

Ann’s work will remain on exhibit during the months of July and August and is available for purchase.

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