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Artist - Vera Trafton

Vera lives in Exeter, New Hampshire, but spends much of the summer in the home she designed for herself and her husband in Phillips.

Vera says that… during a year I was fortunate enough to live in Rome I spent many hours studying the marvelous mosaic floors in the city’s great churches. Great areas of dark color – green serpentine and red porphyry – are wound about by delicate bands made up of small pieces of natural stones cut into squares, triangles and other geometric shapes. The delicate bands weave about within the design, giving the eye paths to follow. Seen as a whole the designs often resemble rugs laid out for the reception of honored guests in a great house.
To see the designs properly I let my eye move over the lively surfaces of the designs, finding colors and elements in various configurations. It felt like exercise for the eye and mind and made for a satisfying combination of action and rest. This is the way I look at a painting, my garden, a fallen leaf, a dragonfly or moth.
In the same way my photo collages/mosaics are composed with the idea that the whole consists of many related parts which lets the viewer’s eye travel over them and discover their many relationships.
I delight in walking in my garden, on the roads and in the woods here in Maine, always with my camera, and find looking at natural beauty to be the same restful but exciting experience that I found during hours spent in museums or sitting sketching on my folding stool among the mosaics in S. Maria Maggiore or S. Maria in Aracoeli.”